The price of the main cryptocurrencies on Sunday broke the mark of $4,000, showing an increase of 5.5 %. Today’s bitcoin exchange rate is the highest in the last two weeks, according CoinMarcetCap.

The market capitalization of bitcoin was $71,445233 billion and total capitalization of the stock market – $136,732863 billion, an increase of almost $6 billion from yesterday’s high.

In the green zone is most altcoins. In the leading of top ten cryptocurrencies pace scored Stellar (+7,20% to $0,121868), Litecoin (+7,11% to $38,47), Cardano (+4,38% to $0,048262). The most “modest” result showed Ethereum (+0,60% to $153,98), Tether (+0, 29% – to 1.02) and SV (+0,50% – to $88,98).

Recall, January 3 bitcoin was 10 years old. On the same day, took action Proof of Keys, organized bitcoin investor Tracy Meyer (Trace Mayer) and directed to return the users control over their private keys, as well as due diligence services and trading platforms. In the list of sites that have not been tested, was Bitfinex, Poloniex and Robinhood.