“Kit”, the sum of incoming transactions which c 2014 is 113 000 BTC ($440 million), can complete the process of liquidating the cryptocurrency moving 60 000 BTC ($230 million) at the end of last month and thus having the fourth largest bitcoin wallet, says Trustnodes.

The address referred to, was used to accumulate bitcoins for the most part of 2017 but moved to the withdrawal of assets last year and recently completed the process.

As for the last 60 000 BTC, two scenarios seem most likely. Or “whale” decided to split assets to avoid undue attention to himself, or he really sold bitcoins worth $230 million in OTC markets.

The history of this address begins on 24 October 2014, when he received a 0,001 BTC. This was followed by a long accumulation of assets with periodic insights, followed by elimination of the residue after the bitcoin historical peak that can be seen on the charts.

Also curious, the process 60 000 BTC. As can be seen from the screenshot below, some of the transactions carried out in the same moment, but had a different destination address, allowing you to make a conclusion about the use of a certain ACCORDING with pre-established parameters.

Not the full amount of 60 000 BTC was withdrawn at a time, but all transactions were carried out between 11:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT on 28 February, and the most frequent transaction size was 1 000 BTC.

On the basis of these characteristics it is possible to suggest that was the place to be the transaction on the OTC market. Whether it was a purchase at a low price, which will result in an increase in the supply on the exchanges, or disillusioned Hodler transferred its assets more convinced investors, or the owner just decided to better hide their savings from prying eyes, unknown. It is known, however, that 60,000 BTC was moved, and not on the exchange, and a variety of wallets, mostly in the 1,000 BTC per transaction.

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