The start of the weekend in the cryptocurrency market were marked by a moderate rise of bitcoin. At the time of publication it was trading at $3 750, which fell after reaching a peak at $3 950 – a value seen on the exchange Kraken. In other markets, observed a similar phenomenon, although less pronounced.

Other cryptocurrencies have followed bitcoin and has risen to 2-4%.

As previously rightly pointed out by analysts, in recent months bitcoin has been trading between $3 550 $4 200.

“Since mid-November, we say that the current range lies between $3 000 and $5 000. Looks like now bitcoin has opened a new mini-range between $3 550 $4 200,” said a senior analyst at eToro’s Mati Greenspan.

Another analyst Luke Martin in his Twitter wrote that bitcoin can rise above $3 700 and stay there for a long time that will open up new opportunities for a breakthrough to the $4 100.

“I am more than pleased with the continued positive momentum,” – he wrote.

18 Jan portal MarketWatch quoted a senior instructor at the Cboe stock exchange Kevin Devitt who expects seeking to profit traders won’t allow market to remain within narrow limits, and predicts the volatility.

“Volatility is growing, and it scares most passive investors. However, many market participants understand that volatility accompanies market. If the volume is Cboe are anything to go by, then these traders are stocking up instruments to trade on volatility and/or to manage risks”, – he wrote. Discuss current news and events on the Forum