Bitcoin now has the lowest volatility since September of 2017. To such conclusion analysts of the portal CryptoCompare. They noted that during recent weeks the volatility of bitcoin was 8.8%, which was the lowest value since mid-summer last year. Since January, the range of volatility of 30-40%, a jump to 74% was recorded for a short time in early February.

Already in mid-2018, the rate of movement was not more than 29% after the coin fell in price by $1000. According to analysts CryptoCompare, low volatility allows the cryptocurrency market to demonstrate the relative stability that attracts new players.

Small price fluctuations of bitcoin will return investor confidence, which will lead to a change in the culture of cryptocurrency trading, which will cease to be speculative. We will remind, earlier it was reported that the support bitcoin has had a weakening dollar, which led to a rise in price of the coin up to $7124.

The volatility of the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, higher than that of bitcoin. During the last seven days range of price fluctuations of that asset was less than 50%. The volatility of Bitcoin Cash was around 41%.