Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has increased the minimum fee for withdrawing Fiat funds to your Bank account up to $60/€60. However, no notification in social networks has not been published.

So, as of November 25, the exchange charges a minimum Commission of $60/€60 or 0.1% from the withdrawal amount. If you need a transfer within 24 hours on working days, the cost of this service is 1%.

At the same time, in accordance with the new policy of the exchange users that display Fiat more than two times per month or in excess of $1 million, will have to pay a Commission of 3%.

Bitfinex will begin to charge a nominal fee for frequent withdrawal of Fiat валютыhttps://t.co/EnIJ6gu8yy#exchange #Bitfinex #Fiat pic.twitter.com/K5HtpPLgja

— ForkLog (@ForkLog) 12 Nov 2018

However, on 7 November, according to the Internet archive, the minimum fee for withdrawal of Fiat was only $20.

Earlier, the operator of Hong Kong bitcoin exchange Bitfinex company iFinex Inc. hired a new provider of offshore services in the face of the law firm SHRM Trustees (BVI) Ltd., ceasing cooperation with Estera Corporate Services (BVI) Ltd. (formerly Appleby).