Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex added to the listing token RBTC from the Argentine blockchain RSK a startup that develops open source platform for smart contracts two-way pegged to bitcoin. Trades are available in pairs with bitcoin and Vietnam the dollar, however, the margin tools until deactivated.

We are excited to introduce trading for RSK (RBTC) is a smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network. @RSKsmart https://t.co/ZvuTJXvaOB pic.twitter.com/AmYJZL5DjY

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) November 23, 2018

It is noteworthy that just a few days before it became known about the transition RSK Labs under the control of the company RIF Labs, focused on creating ofcan infrastructure for digital identity, economic coordination and calculation under the name RIF OS.

The developer of sidechained RSK came under the control of RIF Labshttps://t.co/kGA1QipzcW#RSK #sydeny pic.twitter.com/3mc2S80RWJ

— ForkLog (@ForkLog) 19 Nov 2018

Also Bitfinex opened I/o coin Bitcoin ABC and announced the same for the SV Bitcoin.

Deposits & withdrawals have been enabled for Bitcoin Cash ABC (BAB).https://t.co/2UxeO7CoFA

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) November 22, 2018

Note that the developers of hardware wallet Ledger previously added support for the Bitcoin ABC.

Bitcoin Cash is now available wallets Ledger format Bitcoin ABChttps://t.co/E51x3iiP9w#Ledger pic.twitter.com/XiuAzhcYwp

— ForkLog (@ForkLog) November 23, 2018

Recall that the minimum fee for withdrawal of Fiat from now on Bitfinex is us $60/€60.

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