The largest volume of trading the crypto currency exchange Binance announced the early termination of technical works.

#Binance System Upgrade Complete

— Binance (@binance) 12 March 2019 R.

Users can now cancel the order, to Deposit and withdraw funds from the trading floor, etc. Full functionality of the platform will be available from 11:00 GMT.

We can predict the end result reliably, but the exact timing of when it will happen is super hard to predict.

This upgrade will complete 2 hours ahead of time. Some time will be allowed to cancel orders before trading resumes.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 12 March 2019 R.

“We can accurately predict the final result. However, it is extremely difficult to predict the time when it will be achieved”, — said the head of Binance, Chanpen Zhao.

In comments to the tweet of one user of a social network called Zhao “unpredictable”.

CZ is unpredictable!

— Fighting B (@CryptoK35931496) 12 March 2019 R.

We will remind, today, on March 12, Binance was going on eight o’clock to go to technical work.