The longest in the history of bitcoin bearish trend, it seems, as chastened investors in relation to cryptocurrencies. This can be easily judged by the reactions of the users in response to the circulation of the American financial regulator to speak about the possibility of the emergence of cryptocurrency assets in conventional financial markets.

In February 2019, the Commission, at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) appealed to the public for comments regarding the initiative to launch a bitcoin ETF of companies VanEck and SolidX on the Chicago Board options exchange, re-submitted after review on the background of a 5-week shutdown (temporary shutdown) in the United States.

As reported by CCN in response to the request received only seven comments, six of which were negative (about 84%).

Here are some excerpts from the letters of users from the official website of SEC:

“… In my opinion, to date, bitcoin has no solid ground on which to base a serious product, such as ETFs. Cryptocurrency is unstable, prone to manipulation by narrow range of investors and is not widely used in real life…”.

“… I would like to Express their disagreement with the ideas of running cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds and ask the SEC to wait and understand whether bitcoin become a financial instrument in traditional markets. Reject without hesitation!”

“… In response to the arguments of the SEC regarding excessive manipulation of the stock market and the security of investor funds, one could argue that VanEck offers insurance to cover potential losses.. So I see no reason not to approve the application VanEck Bitwise and”.

Note that in September 2018 SEC received more than 1,400 letters with comments on starting VanEck ETF, of which 99% of the reviews were positive. But since the enthusiasm of captainvalor has declined, apparently due to the ongoing today cryptogamy.

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