Pending scheduled for November 15, hard forks of Bitcoin Cash and related attacks 51%, and also on the back of speculative activity with the PTS on BitMEX and its holders in stabilini – on the evening of 14 November, a leading bitcoin and all altcoins, except Etheera, USD Coin, TrueUSD, SIRIN LABS and Paxos Token Standard Token, slipped sharply.

About an hour ago the average price of bitcoin dropped nearly $600, were at the level of $5765 per unit, then rose to $5855 and after fluctuations in the range of $20 came to $5739 per unit. Thus, the PTS set a new low this year, which on June 24 was $5826 per unit.

In the first ten cryptocurrencies today the worst results are observed in the Bitcoin Cash (-16,88%), Cardano (-14,16%), EOS (-13,08%) and Ethereum (-12,58%).

The aggregate market capitalization of the market currently stands at $185 billion 514 million 937 thousand 685.

Recall that in September the American billionaire Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz) stated that the cryptocurrency market, in his opinion, was the “bottom”, and again reached the “point of acceleration”, which in November last year saw an upsurge in the “bubble”. However, at the end of October the number of requests to Google about bitcoin fell by 93% compared with the beginning of the year. In addition, as it became known today, thanks to the experts ‘ report American trading and technology company Susquehanna, mining Ethereum (ETH) using graphics processors to Nov stopped to bring any profit.