A former engineer LedgerX, a Bitcoin Core developer and a recognized master speed typing Brian Bishop was a supporter of the ideas of transhumanism. In may last year, he and scholar Max berry, who previously worked at a large biotechnology company, opened his own company, focused on the creation of designer babies and the modification of the germ line of a person.

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According to Bishop, the laboratory work has already begun, and the company has its first customers — a couple of potential parents. The plans of the Bishop, the creation of transgenic children, who will be able to build muscle without having to do the heavy lifting, will have the genes of centenarians and universal blood group.

The developer of bitcoin hopes to gain the support of a leading geneticist George Church from Harvard, who presented dozens of reports on improvements in the genes of PCSK9 and type CCR5.

Note that in November 2018 Chinese scientist Ho Cisangkuy said that in his country this month was the first genetically-modified twin girls.

Cisangkuy allegedly made mutations in the genes of human embryos as part of treatment of infertility in childless couples seven, but he managed to get only one pregnancy. In the result of newly-born children carry the DNA that contributes to the development of resistance against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Then the world scientific community has exploded and divided into two camps. The first condemned any change in the gene, and demanded a strict moratorium, others have suggested that there is a way to standardize technologies to improve security.

It is noteworthy that Bishop Barry and intend to improve the processes in the male testes and to a genetically modified sperm to fertilize the eggs, instead of working directly with human embryos. They believe $2 million in funding will allow them to move from animal tests to first volunteer.

“We haven’t started human trials, but we believe that it’s ethical,” said Bishop.

We would add that the entrepreneurs pay for the experiments on mice held in the laboratory at the Institute of gerontology in Kiev.

Earlier, Brian Bishop warned the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) about the risks associated with the traditional approach to the regulation of Bakkt.