Bitcoin Core developer and a member of the MIT Media Lab , Cory fields (Cory Fields) found in the code of Bitcoin Cash is a critical vulnerability that could cause a blockchain split into two incompatible chains and paralyze the transaction.

Fields described the whole process – from finding vulnerabilities to anonymous messages about her team Bitcoin ABC in his blog.

“Work on this bug, which definitely had the potential for disaster has reinforced my confidence that the risk of error in the software seriously underestimated in the world of cryptocurrency. This is a real example of how much more needs to be done to achieve the advanced level of development, which requires the cryptocurrency. It is also a alarm for those companies that are not prepared for this type of scenarios,” wrote fields.

According to him, the exploit could be lost billions of dollars.

The developers of Bitcoin Cash have already eliminated the vulnerability. However, in the community discussions continue on the subject of how they could have made this mistake and how this altcon can claim the place of bitcoin.

If BCH had successfully conquered the name “Bitcoin” and this consensus failure bug had been exploited live, people losing billions of $$$, the reputational damage would have been irreparable, not just for Bitcoin, but for the entire public trust in crypto.
Please respect the devs!

— Eric Wall (@ercwl) August 10, 2018

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin Cash is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the world. At the time of publication of the material the average rate BCH was $586,55 and market cap of $10.14 billion

We will remind also that on August 1 Bitcoin Cash 1 year has passed since the launch.