Team hardware bitcoin wallet best wallet issued a warning to users about trying a phishing attack.

Some users who tried to visit the site of the wallet (, got on a fake website best wallet Wallet. He gave a message about security issues and proposed to introduce data recovery access.

In best wallet I do not know exactly what method of attack was used by hackers. Signs, according to the developers, indicate or DNS spoofing, or to intercept BGP.

At the moment the fake wallet is closed the hosting provider, the company said. She also asked users to remain vigilant, to report suspicious sites because this method of attack can be used repeatedly.

A fake website wallet best wallet made with grammatical errors, also drew the attention of the users.

Fake wallet best wallet in the warning “Not secure”

“Special thanks to our users who reported about [the incident] immediately. We will continue to make every effort to find the cause and make sure that we minimize any possible damage to you,” said the developers best wallet in the statement.

We will remind that earlier in the app store Google Play were identified phishing Cardano ADA crypto Wallet.