13 Jun exchange Binance confirmed support for the following Andropov from EOS: IQ DAC and EON. Teams of these projects should contact the exchange for further discussion of details of cooperation. Airdrop will not be supported if Binance’t get an answer or projects refuse to transfer their tokens to exchange. Also, each of these projects must undergo a rigorous selection for listing (as well as any other tokens).

IQ is the token Everipedia, “Wikipedia on the blockchain”. Airdrop in this case will be through the creation of a snapshot of the network EOS. It is planned that in the future users will be able to obtain IQ for editing articles.

DAC is a decentralized Autonomous community (Decentralised Autonomous Community) with the business logic-driven open source with an established set of rules. The DAC is controlled by the token holders and community members who have the right to vote for any operations. The project has already spent one airdrop: then those whose purses were more than a hundred token EOS, got tokens DAC in the ratio 1:1.

EON is the token “smart broadband operating system” for cloud computing. About the project little is known, however, it has supported the exchange Huobi Pro, promised on June 1 to earn tokens EON to all users who have in the wallets of the EOS token (even if less than a hundred) in a 1:1 ratio. Don’t confuse this project with the same decentralized blockchain-a platform for digital distribution of games.

A list of other Akopov on the EOS platform can be viewed on this website.