The largest currently in the world, with daily trading volume of the Binance crypto currency exchange has announced that it will open listing all payments and will send to charity.

According to a post on the company blog, team projects, wishing to have their token has been listed on the stock exchange will still be able to offer “fee for listing”, which is now appropriately called “donation”. Binance will not set the size of the listing fee or the minimum amount.

The funds raised, the company will allocate its newly established charity organization — Charity Foundation Binance. Additional information exchange promises to publish soon.

In the message Binance emphasizes that the amount of donations the projects define themselves. The size in the listing process token has no effect, when selecting to exchange new assets the company follows established standards, said Binance.

It is noteworthy that this change in listing policy, confirmed the exchange also takes a fee for listing a new token. In early August the head of the blockchain-project Borderless Christopher Franco (Christopher Franko) via Twitter accused Binance in the requirement of 400 BTC (approximately $2.65 million at current exchange rates) for the listing of the token.

Just got a new @binance listing quote. 400 BTC

— Christopher Franko 🧐 (@FrankoCurrency) August 8, 2018

CEO of crypto currency exchange Campana Zhao (Zhao Changpeng) rejected the accusations, but added that the issue is not how much Binance takes for a listing, but how good is your coin. In April, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to the analytical company Autonomous Research reported that the crypto currency exchange charge with the project of listing payments in the amount of $1 million to $3 million.

Recall that Binance in July sent $1 million to help victims of floods in Western Japan.