Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency has expanded its basket to include digital currency Augur (REP). As announced by the company, the new offer will allow you to trade REP in several pairs: REP/BNB REP/BTC and REP/ETH.

Augur is a decentralized platform for market forecasts, built on the Ethereum blockchain. It was founded in 2014 by Jack Peterson and Joey Around. The coin is considered to be a tool for market forecasts. Augur also reflects the state of public a global platform where people can create market forecasts on any topic to follow the markets or trade with them.

Cryptocurrency Augur takes 41st place in terms of market capitalization, which is $599 million at the time of preparation of the material. The coin has experienced a growth rate in 2018, after the General decline of cryptocurrencies compared to the December highs. News about the support on Binance allowed Augur to rise by more than 24%, and during the preparation of this news, the coin was trading at $54,11.

In addition, users Binance trading in Augur (REP) will be able to adhere to the following commissions: 0,1 REP as Commission for the transaction and 0.2 REP minimum withdrawal.

Support Augur is the second important update on Binance in recent months. The previous was the appearance of the button “convert to BNB”. So the exchange helps users to change the “fragments” of coins remaining after trade, its own currency BNB (if matching pairs are on Binance). This allows traders to consolidate remaining in their wallets “dust”.

Earlier “dust” was a big problem for customers Binance, because according to the rules of the stock exchange in transactions involving only “whole” coins.