Cryptocurrency exchange Binance Thursday, August 9, revealed the first details of its future decentralized marketplace. This writes Coindesk.

Back in March one of the largest exchanges in the world announced that it plans to launch a new public blockchain to develop Binance Chain platform for trade in various scriptactive without a centralized operator. This week the Director General of the exchange Chanpen Zhao first revealed (video) demo Binance Chain.

Zhao explained that the development team is ahead of schedule, he thought that the first results can be seen only after a few months.

Most of the presentation consisted of a frame of the terminal command line that was commented by one of the developers Binance Chain. It was also announced some of the details of listing and trading on the exchange. Zhao said that the product is in its early stages:

Have to do a lot of work to transform the exchange into a finished product. The team is very aggressive: this is a key stage for Binance Chain.

The exchange Huobi, one of the Binance competitors have announced similar plans in June. Huobi is funding the creation of an open Protocol for creating a decentralized exchange. On the market there are already several such sites, but the data of the analytical company Alethio show that for most of them characteristic some degree of centralization.

Reputation more safe (compared to centralized) trading platforms has undermined the attack on the decentralized exchange Waves, which managed to crack almost immediately after starting. To this platform a year and a half was in the beta.