Cryptocurrency exchange Binance joined with the universal past time and this Wednesday announced the opening of its own OTC service.

Unlike the suggestions of some other companies in this space, the OTC marketplace Binance will allow for the exchange only between cryptocurrencies without the involvement of Fiat, but doing it with large volumes, than the main glass exchange.

Binance does not specify what assets will be traded on the new platform, only informing about the availability of “many cryptocurrencies represented on the stock exchange”. Debiting and crediting of funds will be made directly through the main user accounts on the exchange.

To gain access to the OTC platform, you must have a verified account and to contact the exchange via e-mail [email protected]. Minimum trade size is 20 bitcoins.

The main advantages of the transactions on its OTC platform Binance calls all that can boast of similar services of competing companies: the ability to quickly exchange large volume of cryptocurrencies and the preliminary determination of the execution price, and privacy, ensured by the conclusion of transactions outside the core of the order book.

To date, OTC services managed to open a variety of cryptocurrency firms, including Bittrex, Coinbase, OKEx, Huobi, Circle, itBit, Kenetic Capital, Genesis Trading and SFOX.

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