28 Jun Binance, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume, announced that opens in Uganda a platform called Binance Uganda, which will be cryptocurrency trading in tandem with Ugandan shilling.

After you start (an exact date is still unknown), the exchange will take zero Commission. The first 20,000 users who sign up at a new venue, “in appreciation” to get a 0.5 token Binance (BNB).

It is reported that the tokens will be distributed in the queue and users who wish to bring them, will pass the personal data verification procedure after starting the platform.

Cryptocurrency trade is likely to be enough demand in Uganda, with its underdeveloped banking sector. According to the Financial Inclusion Insights, organization, analyzing financial inclusion of the population of different countries, in 2016, only 33% of Ugandans actively use Bank accounts.

Recently Binance also announced plans to start trading cryptocurrency in a pair of Fiat in Malta.