Cryptocurrency exchange Binance said about changing the format of the following licensee on the platform Launchpad on the lottery. The number of lottery tickets on the account will depend on the size of the steak in BNB for 20 days prior to the IEO.

Update to the #Binance Launchpad Token Sale Format

— Binance (@binance) 24 Mar 2019

Note that one account can get up to 5 lottery tickets. The winners will implement randomayzer.

The ratio of BNB deposits and the number of lottery tickets

It is noteworthy that during the 20 days before the lottery the BNB deposits will be carried out daily at 0:00 UTC for control over execution of conditions.

Each winning ticket will give the right to purchase tokens for a fixed amount per BNB-equivalent. As soon as a user reports to the exchange that it is ready to use a certain number of tickets in case they win, it is obliged to acquire tokens and money will be deducted automatically.

In Binance acknowledged that the BNB price may vary due to daily snapshots, and potential drop can not cover the efficient new token, and urged users to make informed decisions.

In addition, Chanpen Zhao urged the community to comment on the new format in a separate Twitter thread to make the necessary changes based on feedback, if required.

Will address some of the questions/concerns/feedback in this thread.

Our new Launchpad model is not set in stone. It’s the result of multiple detailed discussions over the weekend, while considering all angles. We will consider suggestions and will make certain tweaks.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 24 Mar 2019

Recall that in the course of licensee Celer Network platform Launchpad again having problems with bandwidth; many people failed to acquire tokens.

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