The largest volume of trading of the bitcoin exchange Binance remains profitable in spite of a prolonged bear market, according to CNBC.

“Today, despite the bear market, we remain a profitable business”, — said financial Director of the exchange, Wei Zhou.

According to him, Binance did not disclose to the public financial information. Thus, the media publications were based on analysis of proxy data from public sources.

Recently, the publication of the Block based on the number of burn tokens BNB estimated last year net profit of Binance $446 million last July, the head of the exchange, Chanpen Zhao in conversation with Bloomberg, said that in 2018 the net profit of his company will be from $500 million to $1 billion.

Wei Zhou began managing the Finance Binance in September last year. On the question of whether the exchange is to add the listing of the securities, he said that in the short term, there are no such plans.

With regard to possible future acquisitions Binance, Zhou said that the company “is always looking for good services and high quality products”.

Recall recently, Chanpen Zhao said that in the very early stages of development Binance survived by one big player.

ForkLog also previously reported that shortly Binance will launch a test network that will form the basis for a decentralized exchange.