The crypto currency exchange Binance remains profitable, despite the bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. This was stated by the financial Director of the exchange , Wei Zhou (Zhou Wei), stressing that the profitability Binance not entirely dependent on market conditions.

As you know, the company is investing heavily in the discovery of crypto-Fiat exchanges in Uganda and on the island of Jersey and in the development of their decentralized exchange. In January Binance announced the launch of the OTC platform to trade scriptactive without the involvement of Fiat money and with the transactions amount over 20 BTC and resumed work platform Binance Launchpad, starting from krautsalat tokens BitTorrent (BTT), which was held in 18 minutes.

Crypto currency exchange does not publicly disclose its financial performance, but based on some indirect data, one can conclude that the company is really not poor.

Recently, the portal of the Block, based on the amount of “burn” tokens BNB, estimated last year net profit of Binance $446 million last summer, the head of the exchange , Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) reported that in 2018 Binance expected to profit from $500 million to $1 billion.

Recall, February 20, test network Binance Chain opens for public testing. Created Protocol Tendermint test network will consist of 11 nodes, with its simplicity and the absence of smart contracts it will be able to withstand heavy loads and will form the basis for a decentralized exchange Binance DEX. Startup Binance Chain from the expected throughput of 2,000 transactions per second.