Course Binance Coin is rising again on Thursday, reaching levels at which it was not since June 2018. Another rise of 15% allowed the BNB to take seventh place in the list of CoinMarketCap and at the same time to shift the Tether.

A month ago, the BNB held the twelfth position and was trading at $8,15. Since then, its own token exchange Binance in terms of capitalization surpassed Cardano, Bitcoin SV, TRON, Stellar Lumens, and now the USDT. At the time of preparation of material 1 BNB is worth $15,40. For the last week grew by more than 50%.

The rapid rise of the BNB was preceded by a series of positive events associated with the exchange and its token. In February Binance has launched a test version of its decentralized exchange. Although the decentralisation of the platform remains a subject of debate, the Commission for the listing, which will be paid at the BNB, allow us to calculate the relevance of a token in the future. In addition, Binance recently resumed tocancel on its site Binance Launchpad, which also uses tokens BNB. Comments CEO of Binance on these and some other issues which he gave this week was probably the catalyst for the further growth of the asset price.

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