42nd US President bill Clinton (Bill Clinton) during a closed-door presentations and discussions at the conference, Swell, Ripple organized a startup in San Francisco, expressed concern that excessive regulation blockchain-sphere can prevent its development. He believes that blockchain technology has potential, because it can be applied in different countries and in the interests of groups with different incomes.

“Transformations and staggering in its dimensions. But all can be destroyed, if you approach them with a negative politics of identity and socio-economic requirements,” he said.

In addition, Clinton said that, as it will develop new technologies – artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, robotics, etc. – all clearly be marked “inequality of access” to them, as it was in the 90s during the development of e-Commerce.

However, he also said that the new technology could be used by terrorists or to launder money obtained by illegal means, and must take reasonable attempts to identify such negative aspects considering the fact that new technologies can’t apply the old regulatory approaches.

“Everything can end up being the goose that lays the Golden eggs, kill” – he added.

According to the Observer, the Clinton speech, a video of which remained unavailable to the General public, could do Ripple $500 thousand, and to invite it could, since in 1996 during his presidency, the United States was adopted the law on telecommunications, which began with the development of the Internet industry.