The municipal authorities of the Spanish city of Bilbao has announced a tender for €150 thousand for the development of public services with the use of blockchain technology. Wishing to participate in the creation of a decentralized platform that is compatible with the current in the region of the digital platform EJIE based on Ethereum, you can participate in the contest until November 23. For the project the winner will be given 6 months.

The authorities of Bilbao expect that the blockchain technology will help to keep the data of citizens and protect them from unauthorized change and the consequences of breaking into systems. It is also expected that the new decision will ensure the exchange of information between government agencies and EJIE.

Recall that in October the port of Valencia, Spain presented the strategy of creating a “smart port” on the basis of the application of big data and blockchain technology, and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), together with the Japanese Bank MUFG and the French BNP Paribas, the world’s first issued the syndicated loan in the blockchain. Earlier, the Spanish Parliament encouraged the government to use this technology to improve the efficiency of public administration, and the national Commission for the securities market (CNMV) announced the successful completion of the pilot project for the transfer of registration of listing on the blockchain — Fast Track Listing (FTL).