RYDE Corporation Holding Inc., formerly known as Wenn Digital Inc., co-founder and operator of the blockchain-a platform for management of copyright KODAKOne, announced that from October 2018 beta components license portal (KODAKOne Post Licensing Platform, PLP) was able to obtain over $1 million in 1667 with the licensing requirements relating to the copyright in the images. At the same time, according to co-founder of platform Chella Cam (Cam Chell), around $400 thousand of this amount will remain with the company.

“We are encouraged that the PLP is running and helps the content creators to profit, which is lost when the non-compliance (licensing) rights to the image. However, this is only the beginning of a brilliant future platform KODAKOne after the introduction of our blockchain,” explained the head of RYDE Yang Denecke (Jan Denecke).

According to RYDE, the platform is fully functional, work with her Agency Blaublut Edition, Food Centrale, as well as many photographers. KODAKOne PLP uses to monitor content of a search robot, created using AI technologies, and the technology of image recognition. Identified violators of copyright, the system offers step by step instructions on how to retroactively pay for the permission to use the content and avoid legal proceedings.

Recall that a year ago, Eastman Kodak and Digital Wenn announced the decision to launch the “new economy” for digital photographers: with own blockchain platform and cryptocurrency KodakCoin. The day after the announcement of the project to the canadian company Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. announced that will pay $2 million all tokens KodakCoin exhibited at the first stage, pre-ICO. Spanish racing driver and two-time world champion series Formula 1 Fernando Alonso (Fernando Alonso) has signed with WENN Digital exclusive agreement on the protection of professional and personal photos and videos using the blockchain platform project. And investment Fund Kerrisdale Capital released a report which claims that blockchain project Kodak is a “Scam” for the “promotion of shares of the company close to bankruptcy”.