The team of Belarusian developers using the platform Kickstarter raising money to create a True Mining game Simulator, devoted to the peculiarities of life of ordinary miners. It is reported

According to the publication, players have to collect your own farm for mining servicing equipment, follow the course of the cryptocurrency and exchange virtual currency for Fiat.

“In addition, the game will be dedicated to spending earned money. For example, players will be able to go to restaurants, buy cars or start to spend money on drugs” — share the creators of the simulator.

Fundraising will continue until may 31. So far, the developers raised $62 of the required $20 thousand.

We will remind, in July of 2017 in the framework of the Russian stage of hackathon AngelHack team of developers have created a simulator of the mining of cryptocurrencies Cryptocity for those who have no money for graphics card.

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