The team of cryptocurrency Beam reported the discovery of a critical vulnerability in the same crypto, which poses a risk for users of all desktop and command-line versions of the application. For security purposes, the details of the detected error temporarily were not disclosed, but it is known that the database crypto, secret keys and passwords are not affected.

The developers recommend immediately stop using application and delete it from all devices, without affecting the crypto data, and install Beam Wallet again by downloading from the project website the updated version.


9.1.2019 20:20 GMT

Critical Vulnerability was found in Beam Wallet today.

Vulnerability was discovered by Beam Dev Team, and not reported anywhere else.

Vulnerability affects all previously released Beam Wallets both Desktop and CLI.

— @Beamprivacy (@beamprivacy) January 9, 2019

Note that the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency based on the Protocol Mimblewimble, took place on 3 January. During the week on this Protocol, designed to enhance privacy and the scalability of cryptocurrencies, you may be running another coin – Grin.

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