Assessment of Bank of America (BoA), the introduction of the blockchain can create a market of $7 billion, which will provide billions of dollars in opportunities for such tech giants as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Analysts BoA has not established a time frame for his forecast, because the technology is not yet widely spread. They proceeded from their own assessment that the blockchain will be used 2% enterprise servers for the price of $5.5 thousand a year.

Rangan kas (Kash Rangan), analyst at BoA, believes that the main potential beneficiaries of the introduction of the blockchain will be existing services cloud computing and companies that are using new technologies can improve supply chain management.

“Amazon will benefit from demand for cloud services from implementation of the blockchain, while the improved tracking of the supply chain should increase the effectiveness of retail business of the company,” said Rangan.

Among other possible beneficiaries from the introduction of the blockchain, he called the cloud platform Microsoft Azure are already offering a service “blockchain as a service” (BaaS). Also among the potential beneficiaries of the development of blockchain analyst called Oracle, IBM, VMware and the major players of real estate Redfin, Zillo, LendingTree.

However, our Rangan stressed that although there is a wide range of possible applications of blockchain technology, its ability to generate revenue is not proven. Found many cases of the use of the blockchain, but complete products are not yet built and not used, the analyst said.

It is noteworthy that in addition to Microsoft Azure, many of these analysts BoA companies already have interests in the field of blockchain. IBM along with China’s Alibaba is leading in the number of patent applications in the field of new technologies. The American Corporation is helping Saudi Arabia implement the blockchain in public services, actively promotes the study of technology. Oracle and Amazon in their cloud computing platforms support the deployment of blockchain-based solutions.