Network of the second level Lightning Network (LN) of the blockchain of Bitcoin has increased its bandwidth up to new record highs – now the decision of the second level handles transactions for more than $2 million in BTC.

Data monitoring online 1ML.com show that last week the overall throughput of the network increased by almost 300%, to 438 BTC.

Currently, the network Lightning Network 039 has 4 nodes, 2 of which 914 are public. In addition, the capacity of LN-network reached a record in 124,75 bitcoin, and its the biggest node have 16 bitcoins in total amount.

As you can see, though LN is a pilot project, as its developers continue to work on resiliency and providing basic security mechanism of consensus and the technical capabilities of the network become more and more perfect.

We will remind, in October it became known about the imminent release of Lightning Network plug-in for Microsoft Excel. Now the software to LND-nodes can be run from Excel plugin. Therefore, the user Windows + Excel will be able to send and receive LN-payments in a few clicks.