Maybe someone else remembers ASIC miner Gridseed, which could simultaneously lead mining and bitcoin and litecoin. The authors of Crypto Mining Blog presented an overview of the new miner Miner Baikal BK-D, which is designed for mining with the simultaneous use of two different algorithms. Specifications you can see two profiles, each of which is represented by two algorithms.

Profile Algo_1 correspond to algorithms Blake256R14 and Blake256R8, and the device promises to give computing power at 280 wahahaha per second plus or minus 10%. Profile Algo_2 correspond to algorithms LBRY and Pascal, and, according to the declared characteristics, from the miner to obtain the computing power in the 70 wahahaha per second plus or minus 10%.

In characteristics it is specified that when any pair of algorithms, the device will consume 1100 watts plus or minus 5%.

The dimensions of the device 310×115×135 mm; weight 6.5 kg; operating temperature — 0-40°C; power supply — ATX-power (12V 6-pin); communications — Ethernet.

Information on the price miner Miner Baikal BK-D and on its availability yet. Company Baikal Miner recently announced a new ASIC is added to your website. There is little hope that the purchase will be beneficial (e.g., price around $2100 without power could deter many potential customers), although this is an interesting product, because the “dual” miners have not appeared on the market.