Chinese Internet giant Baidu has announced the launch of its own blockchain-games — Du Yuzhou (“universe”).

The game is a space adventure where users participating in the blockchain, get the elements for the construction of our own planet.

According to the website game, elements very similar to the tokens produced on the blockchain. Initially, players will receive them for free during check-in (airdrop). As soon as users accumulate more “elements”, they will be able to develop your planet, increase the gravity and absorb new elements, allowing you to access additional functions.

In fact, the goal is to enable users to experience the characteristics of assets, like bitcoin, besides the fact that they can trade, said the representative of Baidu.

“Du Yuzhou is not producing another cryptocurrency, and experiment in the digital space,” he said.

The company did not disclose details created by the game, including how the blockchain it uses. Run Du Yuzhou expected next week.

China’s largest Internet search engine is actively exploring new technology and have already made several decisions based on it. In January, the company launched open platform Baidu Trust of the “blockchain as a service”, in April — the blockchain-microstock Totem. In may, the Chinese equivalent of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia Baidu Baike began to use the distributed registry to register changes.