Tmall Global, market B2C (business-to-consumer) Chinese giant e-commerce Alibaba begins testing blockchain-system end-to-end tracking of imported goods.

Reportedly, the system will operate on the principle of immigration — giving “visas” on imported goods. Using advanced technologies including the blockchain, dynamic laser marking and image recognition, the solution should provide end-to-end tracking across the supply chain.

The so-called “visa” is a QR-code, which will be applied to the surface of the product. The technology used does not allow to copy it. After the purchase of foreign goods the seller shall be marked for where the item will be tracked in the shipping process.

Provide bloccano the immutability of data will enable buyers to get full information about the product and prevent its falsification.

It is expected that the tests blockchain tracking system Tmall will begin in March. Initially it will be used for luxury items, with a further extension to other categories of goods.

Application DLT-solutions for tracking of products finds wide application in the world. New technology is used to monitor the supply of diamonds, gold, timber, beef, greens, milk and other goods.