Consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY), which was entrusted to act as auditor QuadrigaCX, said that since April last year on the cold wallets of troubled canadian exchange any significant activity have been identified. Also no sign of over 26,000 BTC, which the exchange needs for its users.

Relevant information was presented in the framework of the “Third monitoring report” EY devoted to the question of money missing from QuadrigaCX.

As stated in the report, auditors were able to detect six cryptocurrency wallets, which were primarily used for cold storage of bitcoins. Except for one erroneous transaction amounting to little more than 100 BTC in February, other deposits to that address were not received from April 2018.

At the moment, the wallets empty, except for the coins that were sent in February. Thus, finding 26 350 BTC (at the current rate of about $100 million), which QuadrigaCX have to pay their users, still remains unknown.

EY also claim that the reason why the canadian stock exchange stopped using the identified cold bitcoin wallets, it is not yet known. For clarification of all circumstances of the case, the auditor will continue to examine the database QuadrigaCX.

About how, if they managed to locate the other cold bitcoin wallet of the exchange, as well as wallets for different cryptocurrencies, which are supposed to be there, the authors of the report not misleading.

Previously, the authors of the blog Zerononcense said that the missing part of the assets QuadrigaCX can “with high probability” to be on the exchanges Poloniex and Bitfinex. Representatives of EY, this information is not commented.

On the eve of their willingness to pay a reward of $100,000 for information that will help in finding the cryptocurrency assets missing from QuadrigaCX, said the exchange Kraken.