At the start August 9 in Las Vegas conference on cyber security Defcon will be presented a tool called White Rabbit that is designed to identify associated with criminal activity transaction network of bitcoin. This writes

In addition, the demonstration of the White Rabbit will take place at the Black Hat Arsenal, which these days also takes place in Las Vegas.

The tool was created by leading developers of the platform business data analysis Trustar Olivia Tet and Nicolas Xab. According to them, White Rabbit allows “in close to real-time contextual awareness of specific malware ransom”.

In fact, the White Rabbit has been monitoring bitcoin transactions, which are associated with this sort of crime, giving law enforcement agencies the ability to label them.

According to the description, the White Rabbit is a model of three parts, which begins with the collection of bitcoin addresses and their classification into “clean” and “dirty”.

“The second part involves the testing of classification models that use these data and development of suggestions on selecting the optimal model for decision-making… In the third part we show how to use this optimal model to predict that the address belongs to “dirty”. We will also discuss the challenges faced in solving this problem and propose solutions for overcoming them”, — explained the developers Trustar.

Note that this is not the first tool for tracking transactions in the bitcoin network. Active work in this direction are, for example, companies like Bitfury and Chainalysis. However, the reaction of the bitcoin community in such initiatives is not the most friendly – the main problem, which is called the opponents of these tools is that bitcoin like any other currency must be interchangeable. It is for this reason of increased popularity of different services to mix bitcoins to ensure anonymity of the participants in the transaction.

However, according to Olivia Tet, users need to know who is behind such attacks.

“Trying to de-anonymize the blockchain, we’re fighting the wrong fight – we need to see the bigger picture. For security analysts who use Trustar more interested in how bitcoin addresses are correlated between the activities of international criminal groups and the actual introduction of malicious programs,” she said.

As mentioned earlier ForkLog, the U.S. internal revenue service in November 2015 bought from a specialized security company Chainalysis special tracking bitcoin transactions.