One of the busiest airports in the world Amsterdam Schiphol — set test crypto ATM. The device offers users two leading cryptocurrency — Ethereum and bitcoin.

Airport management explained the installation of a cryptocurrency ATM with a desire to improve service to passengers. They will be able to get an ATM cryptocurrency instead of remaining euros that will be useful to them in their country, said the representatives of Schiphol.

“With Bitcoin we hope to help travelers because they can easily exchange “euros the local” to “global” bitcoin or Ethereum,” commented the news Director for consumer products and services of the airport for Tanya dick (Tanja Dik).

Cryptocurrency ATM airport helped to establish a local provider of software solutions company ByeleX Solutions BV Data.

“We are delighted that Schiphol has decided to work with us over so that we were able to provide travelers with a new scripturalist”, — said the Director of Byelex Vissia Herman (Herman Vissia).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Australian Brisbane airport has implemented a system of calculating the cryptocurrency in 30 retail outlets in its territory. And the total number of the world’s bitcoin ATM exceeded 3 thousand.