Leader of telecommunication market of USA, AT&T submitted a complex blockchain solutions for various areas including supply chain management, industry, retail and healthcare. This was reported on the website of the company.

As noted by the representatives of the us conglomerate, new solutions based on the technology of the distributed registry enables companies to automate and digitize processes, and will provide a more secure exchange of information.

The new platform blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is able to interact with the solutions based on a distributed registry of corporations IBM and Microsoft, and its development of AT&T in the sphere of Internet of things.

BaaS platform from AT&T can be used to track the supply chain of goods from manufacturer to consumer. It can also be used by retailers for inventory management and health care providers who need privacy when working with data about patients.

Earlier, BaaS platform for the corporate sector provided Chinese Internet giant JD.com.