The collapse of the stock market continues, though has slowed down a bit. Bitcoin is currently trading around $4500, and total market capitalization per day decreased by 22 billion to 147,4 billion. Tell what people say on Twitter about the fall of well-known experts and ordinary users.

Chapter Binance Chanpen Zhao did not stay aside:

“‘ve been through this many times before. The secret of success? Keep calm and keep moving”.

been through this many times already. The Secret of success? Keep your head down and build.

β€” CZ Binance (@cz_binance) November 19, 2018

“The world is not falling apart. Relax” β€” echoes founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano.

The world is not ending. Everyone relax.

This week’s free installment of our daily letter to clients puts it in perspective.

β€” Pomp πŸŒͺ (@APompliano) November 20, 2018

Bobby Lee, co-founder and former CEO of the oldest Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC, recalled that “while the market capitalization of bitcoin is only one hundredth of the capitalization of the gold: 80 billion dollars to 8 trillion dollars.” “Whether bitcoin to circumvent the gold?”. “You can!” β€” to your question is in the next post. In addition, he adds that the bear market could last another 18 months β€” until the next halving.

In this bear market for #Bitcoin, it’s worth reminding everyone that $BTC is still only one-hundredth of the value of #Gold: $80 billion vs $8 trillion.
Gold is worth 100 times more than Bitcoin today!
What will the ratio be in 10-20 years?
Will it flip with Bitcoin worth more?

β€” Bobby Lee (@bobbyclee) November 20, 2018

Millionaire and cryptoanalysis John McAfee spoke in his characteristic manner:

“I’m 73. And saw the same thing dozens of times in many markets. Bear market similar to winter. It is always followed by a wonderful spring. Relax, damn it”.

People have panicked. But there’s no fucking need. We’re in a bear market. They suck, yes, and not like a hooker with no teeth. But I’m 73 and have seen this dozens of times in many markets. Bear markets are like Winter. It’s always followed by a glorious Spring. Fucking relax.

β€” John McAfee (@officialmcafee) November 20, 2018

Bitcoin guru and preacher of cryptovirology Andreas Antonopoulos writes that now is the time for “compassion, patience and respect.” He does not promise that the fall is about to be shut, and Vice versa, recognizes that “in recent years, many have lost a lot of money.”

Whatever your reason for being in crypto, now is the time for:

β€” Compassion
β€” Patience
β€” Respect

Lot”s of people have lost lots of money recently and it is not helpful to make empty promises, share shitty memes, or criticize others’ choices. #bekindorshutup

β€” Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) December 19, 2018

“Every bitcoin correction was accompanied by a drop of more than 80%. At a cost of $4280 bitcoin fall from record highs is 78%,” writes a renowned analyst Joseph young.

He also adds that now falls not only stock market but also the US stock market.

“I think the year will be bad for everyone,” concludes Yang.

Every major Bitcoin correction saw a drop of more than 80%

For the first time in 2018, Bitcoin has dropped below $4,300 to $4,280 on fiat to crypto exchanges like Coinbase

At $4,280, Bitcoin is down 78% from all-time high

β€” Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) November 20, 2018

According to a known bitcoin trader with the nickname WhalePanda, bitcoin falls below $3000. He also advises not to invest more than you can afford to lose and not to take loans to buy cryptocurrency.

Probably not a bad time to start dollar cost averaging in. I doubt it’ll go past $3000. #Bitcoin
Disclaimer: *This is not investment advice, don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t use margin. Don’t loan money to buy crypto.*

β€” WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) November 20, 2018

“No, bitcoin is not dying. He’s just preparing for the sales in honor of Black Friday,” writes Jameson Lopp, cryptoexpert and Creator .

No, Bitcoin isn’t dying β€” it’s just preparing for this year’s Black Friday sale.

β€” Jameson Lopp (@lopp) November 19, 2018

Chris Burniske, cryptocurrency analyst and author of the book “Scriptactive: a Guide to innovative investor in bitcoin, and not only” writes:

“Bear markets make strong survivors. To survive in the process β€” it’s natural. But these collapses subsequently give strength”.

Bear markets strengthen the survivors. It’s okay to feel sick through the process, it’s these depths that later give strength.

β€” Chris Burniske (@cburniske) November 19, 2018

“Shares of Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Netflix collectively lost 985 billion from their record highs. “It’s just a correction”. But cryptocurrencies, of course, waiting for death” β€” ironically analyst and Crypto capturador nick and Michael.

This is a very nice picture, just watched Bloomberg.

Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google & Netflix (#FAANG) combined now down to $985 billion dollars since the all time high.

‘Just a correction’.

But yes, crypto is dead and stuff. #bitcoin #crypto

β€” Crypto MichaΓ«l (@CryptoMichNL) November 20, 2018

But what is written in ordinary Twitter users.

TradingView is trolling us #bitcoin

β€” Mayur (@MacTheReaper) November 20, 2018

Dont worry guys…. Strong support and bottom here!! #Bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencynews

β€” Cryptoholic (@Cryptoholism) November 20, 2018

How today #crypto feels like. @FatihSK87

β€” Fev (@Fevzii) November 20, 2018

Do you remember what Rothschild said? $BTC #Bitcoin #Crypto

β€” CryptoEric (@EricAlexanyan) November 20, 2018

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