Manipulation?what kind of manipulations

As soon as Bitmex closed at those work at 4 a.m. in Moscow ,the bitcoin soared up the price on bitfinex reached 6900

But when I started trading really Bitmex ,the price flew up to 7145 -)Carl 7145 ,they cut out all sortitem beauty

Users Bitmex complained in the chat ,in the operation stop of the market to the downside (for example 6600) above 7100 ,then the price immediately retreated to the area of the 6700

Many who shook buy on the market bought for 7100 and above)

Chat screenshots

“It is this moment that Ether goes from a 3-digit to a 2-digit shitcoin”
— @CryptoHayes

— ₡rypto ₡himp (@Cryptanzee) August 15, 2018

But it’s all show-off compared to what happened to the violas on bitmex ,that’s why I love you!

Watch ADA squeeze twice almost)

TRON twice squeeze

Well, RIPL more of all issued squishy ,4 times ,that is the level ,do not be surprised if Arthur’s been shorted from there)

CEO BITMEX arturchik waking up in the morning -)

Me — I miss those old days woodchipper
Arthur — HOLD MY BEER!

— ₡rypto ₡himp (@Cryptanzee) August 17, 2018