Cryptocurrency Litecoin, which by analogy with bitcoin is also often called the “digital silver” and announced the rebranding, which introduced a new visual logo.

Litecoin — A refined Logo and Vision

“The payment choice for the world”

— Ilir Gashi [LTC⚡] (@mrilirgashi) January 24, 2019

According to the blog Litecoin Foundation community Manager Ilir Gashi, the new logo marks a new stage in the history of cryptocurrency, symbolizing new ambitions and relentless commitment to the global spread.

“Over the past seven years Litecoin has demonstrated incredible growth in areas such as network security, market liquidity, payment processing, the use of the merchants and the currency. This is one of the few coins which were launched without premine and naturally has built a big global community. Vision “the Silver compared to bitcoin gold” has played a significant role in this growth and helped Litecoin to maintain a unique position in the market,” — says Ilir Gashi.

He also notes that Litecoin as a payment system has always been sort of a complement to bitcoin, but the latter is more poised to become a means of preserving values. Even with the introduction of solutions such as Lightning Network, said the representative of the Litecoin Foundation, the first cryptocurrency was struggling to become a global payment system.

And that niche and needs to take Litecoin, offering faster and cheaper transactions, including using atomic swaps.

New logo.

New era.

Mass adoption.

— Ilir Gashi [LTC⚡] (@mrilirgashi) January 24, 2019

“The new slogan – “Control your money and pay Litecoin” is the first step in this direction. He pays homage to the true value of cryptocurrency is to create economic freedom and personal sovereignty,” — said Ilir Gashi.

New Litecoin logo was created with the support of The Token Agency, completely free to use and can be found here.

The Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee also commented on the change of logos cryptocurrencies, noting that although it may not appeal to everyone, but you can never make happy was all.

According to him, there is no such thing as “official logo” Litecoin, and those who want to use the more familiar old image, of course you can continue to do so.

Recall, January 12, in the Litecoin was mined jubilee 60-millionth coin.

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