Last week, the number of addresses increased by 6.9% to 3.47 million Is the largest increase over the past two months. The relevant data presented in the report of the study group Huobi Research and published in the blog of Huobi.

In addition to the number of addresses, the total volume of transactions in the bitcoin network increased by 2.9%.

The number of active addresses Ethereum decreased by 5.9%, to 0.99 million is the lowest figure for the last three months. The concentration of assets in a network with Jun increased. Last week, 1000 addresses were responsible for 62.4 per cent of all esters. In June this indicator was equal to 58.9 per cent.

The researchers also noted that the most popular social networks in the world were the requests related to bitcoin, ether and Ripple, whereas in the queries that were made in China, was the leader of bitcoin, ether and EOS. In connection with various events in kryptomere the most common were requests with the words “purse”, “bot” and “community” among trading platforms has aroused the greatest interest of the exchange Coinbase, Huobi and Binance.

The most votes received on the Github bitcoin, ether and EOS. A leader in liquidity in the market has become cryptocurrency Ripple — its price increased by 39.4%. However, it was a leader in the sense of volatility. The volatility of bitcoin last week was the lowest among the cryptocurrencies.