Arbitraj LLC American startup working on a tool for traders that will allow you to earn on the difference in rates of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges.

The company has already created a tool that allows to compare the difference between the rates (spreads) on cryptomeria. Now the developers are working on a new platform which will give the opportunity to make this difference.

Arbitraj notes that even the most liquid cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, the difference between rates at different sites can be up to 10% due to differences in demand, lack of price regulation and the difficulties of trading between some exchanges. In some cases, the spread can reach 30%.

“There are very large gaps between the U.S. and rekorajski exchanges. In any other industry 5% spread is considered to be huge. In kriptonyte we call it small, because this figure can reach 30%. If you talk to anyone in the Forex space, then 5% –it’s crazy, it’s unheard of,” said the Creator of the application Arbitraj and venture investor Jason Flack (Flack Jason).

Arbitraj developed a web application and a Google Chrome extension that shows the spreads on cryptocurrency at a time when the user visits the exchange.

The company tested a beta version of their product for 500 users. The startup is also working on a transactional platform that will allow traders to take advantage of the price difference, not only to see these spreads. In particular, the system will calculate the amount a trader can earn on a particular spread.

Arbitraj originally intended to make a new platform open, but then refused this idea.

“For arbitration is difficult, because if everyone makes the same trades I take,” explained Flack.

According to him, the new platform is already interested in hedge funds. He also added that it is unlikely that arbitrage opportunities will exist in the market forever.

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