Ethereum-startup Aragon is exploring the possibility of launching the platform aragonOS to create smart contracts in the Protocol Polkadot. This told the technical Director of the startup, Jorge Izquierdo, writes CoinDesk.

According to him, the additional network will not affect starting in November of 2018 the work of Aragon in the Ethereum blockchain.

“The idea is to make the most of transaction aragonOS almost free and very optimized”, — said Izquierdo.

Meanwhile, the developers of Ethereum guess for them it should be a Wake-up signal.

“Aragon said that they migrate from Ethereum, they’re just exploring options. But I believe that it is a sign of warning from one of the most important ecosystems of applications on the network. I think we should consider it”, — said the developer of Ethereum lane Rettig.

Polkadot is a Protocol that ensures compatibility between different blockchains. Developed by Ethereum co-founder Gavin wood the Protocol is promoted as a Supplement to the platform of smart contracts Ethereum. Its official launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

We will remind, in January, the Polkadot team announced plans to hold another ICO with the goal to raise $60 million.