Owned by Apple the App store has revised its policy of placing a cryptocurrency applications, more stringent rules for mobile cryptocell, platforms for holding ICO and programs to access the exchanges.

Under the new rules, mining applications, which mine cryptocurrency directly on the device, is strictly prohibited – is permitted only cloud mining.

The location of mobile wallets are allowed only to organizations and not individual developers. And exchange applications may be running only the official exchanges.

Applications to support the ICO, trade, cryptocurrency futures or tokens equal to the securities can only be downloaded banks, companies trading in securities or other financial institutions, which officially allowed this trade.

Apps can no longer offer the cryptocurrency in exchange for performing certain tasks like downloading other apps, embed social media posts and so on.

Recall that the rules of the Apple App Store concerning captoprilsee always been more strict than, for example, in Google Play. Four years ago the company removed all apps that operate on bitcoins, and two years ago Apple was very intolerant of Altmann, disabling associated applications. Today, the store presents many captoprilsee, who will have to reckon with the new regulations, not to mention the new ones that only need to be included in Apple’s App Store.