Apple was forced to remove the link to scriptcollection the game War Riders from the app Coinbase Wallet.

The game users must create an army of cars that represent neammanee tokens (NFT).

In the order of publication got screenshots of correspondence Coinbase employee with the company-the developer of the game Carfield in the service arena.

“We will remove [references] from the version on iOS, as it is not allowed to promote decentralized apps that let you buy digital goods”, — said the representative of Coinbase.

Also representatives stressed that the War Riders were the only app that sells NFT in their purse.

Earlier policy of Apple and threats to remove the app complained about CEO Trust Wallet Viktor Radchenko.

Apple is not happy with digital goods. They told us to remove all digital good dapps Trust or Wallet would be remove from the App Store within two weeks.

— Viktor Radchenko (@vikmeup) 12 Jun 2018

“Apple’s just awful. No communication with them and answers how to work with NFT or with cryptocurrencies in General”, — said Radchenko.

It is noteworthy that the recommendations of the Apple to create apps there is no direct ban on the use of NFT. As stated Radchenko, the company prohibits neammanee tokens based on the rules “in-game Purchases”.

The purchase of NFT in the Coinbase Wallet has appeared on Monday, August 27. That is, users could not only find a game by title, but by the NFT, and such a token would appear in the wallet. However, on Tuesday evening, War Riders disappeared from Coinbase Wallet.

It is reported that currently sells premium in-game cars in number of 30 000, and the game can be 1 180 000 cars.

Game War Riders will use not only the NFT, but the more usual ERC-20 cryptocurrency called Benzene (BZN). These tokens will act as in-game currency. But also food can be displayed outside of the game. To bring the cryptocurrency players will have to deliver your car with a stock BZN in the garage and on the way other users will be able to steal tokens.

“BZN will not be sold. No ICO or something in this kind. We only sell neammanee tokens”, — said the head Cartifield Vlad Kartashov.

Note that Apple’s relationships with the cryptocurrency industry was quite difficult. The company repeatedly changed its attitude towards cryptocurrency apps in its store, and in November 2013 even banned the application of the exchange Coinbase. Also from the App Store was deleted the first game that allowed users to earn bitcoins.

Earlier this summer Apple introduced a new publishing rules and terms of use cryptanalytic apps in the App Store. The changes affected the wallets, exchanges, platforms for ICO and applications for mining.

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