The legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that cooperating with the focused on cryptocurrency investment company Equi Capital, according to NullTX.

According to Wozniak, he for the first time in his career involved in the activities of the blockchain. He also noted that “he was impressed by the technology underlying the cryptocurrency”.

Equi is positioned as an alternative investment firm that aims to help retail and professional players to acquire shares in the capital of companies.

“Very soon I will be involved in activities blockchain company, called Equi — said Wozniak. — Our approach is to create a new currency or something about where the price may be inflated in any event. A share in the company. It invests across market players with impressive track record, who invested, for example in apartment buildings in Dubai”

Wozniak never told what will be his role in a startup. He only said that the company can be registered on the friendly to the blockchain and cryptocurrency Malta.

Continuing to praise all sorts of use-cases using the blockchain, Wozniak said the following:

“I came across people working in the real estate field, with Uber-systems, with everything in our lives and producing transactions, including retail sales, services, manufacturing… used Everywhere bitcoin app. And all this has value.”

Recall the recent Steve Wozniak called the blockchain bubble, but bitcoin is “awesome.” Also earlier this year, Wozniak complained that the crooks stole his seven bitcoins.