The price of the leading cryptocurrency will bottom at 3 thousand dollars against the backdrop of massive sales of scriptaction. At least, so says futures trader Anthony Grisanti, referring to protracted kryptonia. Grisanti analyst for CNBC, which previously traded energy futures at Bear Stearns. Like other cryptomodule, he is confident that another drop in bitcoin’s only a matter of time.

People liquidate open positions

Recent volatility, he connects with investors who squander their savings in bitcoin, because leave the market. With every slight market recovery people liquidate open positions, says CCN.

This happens directly or through lucernae contracts, the bottom line is that they get rid of crypt. It is necessary to expect mass sales. I guess it can happen to the damage of 3800 dollars.

It’s a bubble, guys!

Colleague Grisanti, CNBC commentator Scott Nations also criticized cryptoendoliths-Millennials. According to him, they are simply unable to realize that at the moment we are seeing a bubble.

If you are now 20 years old, you should know that you just never in my life seen bubble assets. During the housing bubble you were teenagers. But when the dot-com bubble foot under the table went. Well, guys, it’s a bubble. And right now it is broken!

Analysts: Interest in Bitcoin futures reduced

And Grisanti, and Nations claim that the interest in futures on Bitcoin decreases just because of the market downturn.

Recall that in the first half of 2019 futures exchange plans to launch the second largest stock exchange Nasdaq in cooperation with investimos VanEck. Similar plans can be traced from ICE – the main competitor of Nasdaq and the parent company of the NYSE.

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