The team focused on improved the privacy of users bitcoin wallet Samourai announced the release of a new product, which now supports native SegWit address format bech32.

Thus Samourai Wallet has become fully compatible with BIP84 – a proposal for improving bitcoin, allowing users to send and receive funds to fully encrypted address.

Wallet users, today’s update is a big one: Full bech32 support — send and receive — Introducing Samourai to Boltzmann. Adding a new type of send to help protect against address clustering analysis: STONEWALL. Enhanced Ricochet updates and more…

— Samourai Wallet (@SamouraiWallet) 3 May 2018

The bitcoin address format bech32 begins with bc1. While it is not backwards compatible with older or unsupported versions of the software and other wallets.

Currently support bech32 provide a few purses , one of which some time ago became HolyTransaction.

Boltzmann / STONEWALL

Simultaneously, the new version of Samourai Wallet added the ability to audit transactions through the script Boltzmann.

In December 2017 Samourai Wallet purchased aimed to study the blockchain platform OXT and worked the last few months in close cooperation with engineers on issues of privacy and interoperability of bitcoin.

One component of the process was to run a transaction script using the Boltzmann entropy which defines the transaction, exposing in-depth analysis of parameters such as the relationship between the data inputs and outputs of transactions.

“The higher the entropy of the transaction, the more it is resistant to methods for the identification of addresses used by companies specializing in the analysis of the blockchain”, — say the developers Samourai Wallet.

As a result, the team came to the decision to abandon BIP126. Instead, he presented a mechanism called STONEWALL. This new method of sending coins, which are now available in Wallet Samourai by default (it is possible to deactivate the wallet settings). STONEWALL method is that, when possible, the user of the wallet creates a transaction, which simulates a CoinJoin transaction and receives a rating of Boltzmann above zero.

Such transactions appear in the blockchain in the form of multiple unrelated parties.

We offer Samourai Wallet can be useful for users who placed emphasis on privacy of transactions, and are designed to be the answer to tools for the monitoring, which in recent years have introduced companies like Chainalysis and Bitfury.

We will remind, earlier this year the developers Samourai Wallet urged companies and users to refuse the services of a bitcoin processing company BitPay, accusing the largest in the industry processing service that without any warning and discussions with the developers dropping support for the standard scheme display to end users requests for payment described in BIP21.