Developers Zap gave an update of the beta version of the bitcoin wallet Zap-enabled payment network Lightning Network.

1/ Zap 0.2.2 has just been released! Tons of bug fixes, features and stability improvements are included in this release as the LN continues its march onwards ⚡🌩

Quick thread on notable changes, features, fixes, and general info below

— Zap (@ln_zap) September 24, 2018

According to representatives of the Zap team in the new version (0.2.2) fixed bugs, added new features and improves stability. The developers note that the basis of Zap is a new version of the desktop wallet LND 0.5 from Lightning Labs. In the latter, in particular, implemented the Protocol Neutrino and implemented a privacy option in the form of additional support Tor.

3/ Zap 0.2.2 comes packaged with the all new @lightning’s LND 0.5. As always shoutout to the Lightning Labs team! LND 0.5 includes reliability improvements, tons of optimizations, improvements Neutrino, and private channel + routing flags used in Zap

— Zap (@ln_zap) September 24, 2018

Also the new version of Zap supports 19 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

4/ Zap now supports 19 different languages as we try and provide you all with the best tools to use the world’s true global currency! #bitcoin

Shoutout to all the translators, y’all the real MVP ✊🏼👊🏼

— Zap (@ln_zap) September 24, 2018

Display Fiat value of assets can be set at any of the 25 national currencies.

5/ To go alongside our multi-language support we have also added 25 different fiat currencies configurable in your user settings

— Zap (@ln_zap) September 24, 2018

Also implemented support for several color schemes:

6/ Lastly, by popular demand, Zap now supports multiple themes. We are shipping, learning and adapting as we continue to shape Zap. This is just the beginning of some major UI/UX changes that will be going into Zap over the coming months

— Zap (@ln_zap) September 24, 2018

Note that in the first decade of September, the number of the Lightning channels in the network of bitcoin exceeded 12,000, and the amount of them means reached 112 BTC.

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