According to a new study by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., the income of bitcoin exchanges in the current year can grow more than 2 times to reach $4 billion.

The authors of the report, under “cryptocurrency Trading is a New phenomenon here?” argue that the decline in cryptocurrency market are unlikely to affect the rate of return of trading platforms.

Moreover, “to the extent of becoming a class of digital assets and growth in institutional demand” of firms from the sector of traditional Finance, including storage and asset managers, will find a “plethora of opportunities” to join this sector.

Analysts say that in 2017, the buying and selling of cryptocurrency exchanges has brought $1.8 billion only at the expense of fees, equivalent to 8% of earnings to the traditional exchanges. Based on this data, Bloomberg concludes that “in the context segments only global business ordinary shares surpassed cryptocurrency trading”.

The authors of the report also noted that the participants in the broader financial sector while avoiding the conclusion of transactions in the cryptocurrency market due to regulatory uncertainty and high volatility. However, they recognize that risks deterring firms from wall street, can be significantly smoothed solutions American stock exchange Coinbase, which increasingly is based on “unwavering competitive position”. They also suggest that Coinbase can account for about 50% of the General revenue Fund exchanges cryptocurrency transaction processing.

Recently, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that in 2017 it the company registered 50 000 users a day and helped them to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies at $150 billion.