Cryptocurrency project social network Facebook could bring a significant earnings, said Barclays Bank analyst Ross Sandler.

CNBC quotes from notes Sandler for investors, according to which Facebook Coin can start to bring their creators from $3 billion to $19 billion by 2021. In 2017, the revenue of Facebook was $40.6 billion, of which $39.9 billion came from ads ads.

According to the analyst, shares of Facebook can go into growth as soon as the company find sources of income other than from advertising and other methods, forcing it to sacrifice the privacy of its users. For example, the possibility of sending a small cross-border payments to friends and relatives can find approval among users and among shareholders.

Sandler distinguishes two main problems that can wait for Facebook to cryptocurrency field: “demonstration of competitive advantages to users on the background of the current resources in the field of payments” and loss of confidence after the scandals in 2018.

The analyst notes that Facebook Coin in the eyes of the General public is still a vague project, but the social network already has experience of the issue of virtual currencies in 2010, she launched the Facebook Credits to pay for goods in gaming applications on their platform.

“Facebook Coin may just be focused on the implementation of microtransactions and to be a rebirth of the original business model used in 2010-2012 under the brand of Facebook Credits. The scale of the project, however, can be much wider, especially considering the fact that it is headed by former PayPal CEO David Marcus,” adds Sandler.

At the end of February was reported that Facebook might be in talks with bitcoin exchanges regarding listing the upcoming launch of the asset.

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